CapoCaccia 2018

Apr 23 - May 05, 2018
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An unconventional workshop

This is a very unconventional, interdisciplinary, and exciting workshop where we bring together experts in neuroscience, neuromorphic engineering, cognitive sciences and robotics to discuss about the open problems in these fields and attempt to find routes to their resolution with practical hands-on hacking afternoon, evening, and night sessions, in a beautiful setting on the Mediterranean sea.

We take as our foundation participants members of a group of already related EU groups that are involved in presently funded projects, a number of persons who have been involved in the ‚ÄčTelluride Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop, and additional colleagues and collaborators from around the world.

The workshop has open and highly interactive discussion sessions in the morning; hands-on projects, tutorial, and hardware and software jamming sessions in the afternoons; and free-form discussions in the evenings.

The workshop is open to everybody, but since resources are limited, we will accept only a limited number of registrations, on a first-come first-serve basis.

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