Create a new workgroup or session

Log in with your credentials. As shown in the screenshot you can add a workgroup/session immediately via the administration menu in the toolbar. On the pages Schedule and Workgroups you can find additional menu items in the toolbar that allow you to create workgroups/sessions too.


After clicking on 'Add New ...' a pop up appears in your browser in which you can add all information about your workgroup/session. Keep in mind to provide time information in order to be listed in the schedule.

add_1.png add_2.png

After saving, your group will be created and if you added time and location it will be listed in the schedule.


Now your group page will look like the following screenshot.


And a click on your content section will show you.. nothing.


Create content for the workgroup

To change this you have to activate the 'Edit-mode'. Click the blue button in the top right corner with the label 'Edit'. In this toolbar three buttons will appear: StructureContent and View published. If this is the first time you create content for your group, you have to activate the 'Structure-mode'. By clicking on this button the appearance of the page will change.


To add some text you have to add the text plugin.


After selecting the text plugin a new pop up, in which you can enter the text, appears.


After saving your content the section will show the text.


From now on you can edit the content immediately from the front end when you are in Edit-mode and Content-mode, not Structure-mode, is activated.


Adding images

You can add images to your text. For this open the text which should contain the image and select Image from the dropdown menu with the title CMS Plugins.


Fill out the fields if necessary and click on Add file. A new pop up appears with the filebrowser for the server where the the CapoCaccia page is hosted. During the group/session creation the server creates a folder with the name of the workgroup/session as subdirectory of the current event (i.e. CapoCaccia 2016).


There you can upload files to your group/session folder. And after choosing an image your text looks like in the following screenshot.


Now the content section contains the page with the image.



Files and Folders

You can also add files to your workgroup. For this go into the administration panel.


Under django Filer you will find the entry Folders

filer_root.png filer_sub.png

There you can find the events, and within this folder are all groups with their own folders where you can add content.