The Missing Pieces of the Puzzle

We, as a community composed of neuroscientists, neuromorphic engineers, roboticists and theoreticians have been trying to understand neural processing and computation from different perspectives. During the course of research each of us tries to solve the complex puzzle of the brain by identifying the relevant functions and features of each piece of the puzzle. The boundaries of the computational puzzle pieces, however, remain blurry and the puzzle itself is incomplete.

The aim of this year’s Capo Caccia neuromorphic engineering workshop is to translate our understanding from the different viewing angles into a cohesive description. During this workshop we are going to identify the missing pieces and their computational roles. This will sharpen our understanding of the individual pieces and allow us to not only to emulate the abstracted computations but also to formulate hypothesis how to test these newly identified functions.

The workshop has open and highly interactive discussion sessions in the morning or the afternoon; hands-on projects, tutorials, and hardware and software jamming sessions during the day; and free-form discussions in the evenings.

The workshop is open to everybody, but since resources are limited, we will accept only a limited number of registrations, on a first-come first-serve basis.


Workshop details

In this workshop we will host a highly interactive and open discussion forum in which power-point presentations and beamer-slides are banned. Open discussion and brain-storming sessions will be interleaved with hands-on projects and work-groups. We encourage all participants to bring to the workshop their SW/HW tools in order to propose hands-on projects.

The workshop is organized by the Institute of NeuroinformaticsUniversity of Zurich and ETH Zurich, and by iniForum

The workshop will be held at the Hotel dei Pini, in Alghero, Sardinia, Italy. Note that room reservations for workshop participants should only be made via the workshop registration page in order to use the "full-board" option (room + breakfast + lunch + dinner) with discounted prices.

Workshop Schedule

The CapoCaccia Workshop  is typically organized around a "problem of the day" where one or moresession chairs organizes and moderates a discussion session around a theme central to the topic of this workshop. 
These sessions  are not 45min one-way presentations. Slides and power-point presentations are banned. Rather these sessions  are frank and open discussions that sould involve all the participants, as much as possible. 
We will provide flip-charts and a digitizing tablet to draw on (and eventually project pictures and data if absolutely necessary). The schedule will evolve and change very dynamically, on a daily or even hourly basis.

We will update the  frequently (e.g. on an hourly basis) and populate it with events, as participants volunteer to discuss about the topics listed. Please remember that this is not a talk-shop where people simply present their latest results with power-point slides.

A typical morning session day

A typical afternoon session day

The daily breaks and social events include: