Using SpiNNaker for your Stuff!

If you want to use SpiNNaker for any of your own work-groups projects, this is the work-group for you.

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No timetable published yet.

The SpiNNaker software is very flexible and we plan to support whatever work groups desire the usage of the SpiNNaker platform whilst we are here. This can range from new models, interacting with robots, none neural applications, pynn simulations etc etc etc. This work-group aims to group all these desires during its first meeting, so that we can allocate time and resources efficiently during the 2 weeks. If you want to use SpiNNaker during the 2 weeks, please come to this work-group to express your needs. We will then branch off to separate work groups as needed. Details of the SpiNNaker software and hardware can be found at these links:


Alan Stokes
Alan Stokes


Eldad Assa
Juan Pedro Dominguez-Morales
Emec Ercelik
Daniel Gutierrez-Galan
Jacopo Tani
Michiel Van Dyck
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