Real-time processing of temporal data

The group would deal with design of a system that can perform tasks such as ECG (Echo-cardiogram) pattern classification or EMG (Electromyogram) classification.

The focus would to think of a system-level architecture with a necessary software and hardware framework that can implement a pattern recognition task in real-time. A candidate application is monitoring of ECG data. The complete system needs to be implantable. The design constraints are low-power, reliability, and on-chip computation because it may not be possible to transmit data off-chip.

Some of the issues to be considered are:

1. What kind of adaptive and/or learning algorithms should be implemented on the chip?
2. The division of labor between the hardware and software sub-systems on the chip.
3. Can we implement a pre-trained network that can adapt to changing environmental conditions?
4. How much of the processing can be done on-line?
5. What are the circuits and hardware subsystems required?

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Manu Nair


R B Benosman
Dongchen Liang
Timoleon Moraitis
Johannes Partzsch
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